Man arrested on animal cruelty charge |

Man arrested on animal cruelty charge

Staff Reports

A Gardnerville man was arrested on suspicion of driving without a valid drivers license, animal cruelty and having excess animals in his possession.

The man had several contacts with law enforcement. In September, deputies were dispatched to his residence in reference to a stolen vehicle. The man told deputies his boyfriend was in possession of his vehicle without his permission. While at the residence, deputies observed three dogs and several newborn puppies and could hear additional animals in the backyard.

Three neighbors contacted Douglas County Animal Services to report barking at the residence. The neighbors said they believed the man was keeping an excess amount of dogs at the residence.

Upon investigation, deputies found the man had three dogs over the age of 4 months in his possession and was keeping the animals in unsanitary conditions. Specifically, officers found two adult dogs had feces and urine matted in their coats.

Deputies conducted a traffic stop at Waterloo Lane on Monday and found the man had no valid drivers license. From previous contacts, deputies knew the man was legally blind and unable to drive. He told them he had no choice but to drive.

His bail is set at $638.