Man arrested for brandishing gun at Lake Tahoe beach |

Man arrested for brandishing gun at Lake Tahoe beach

Tahoe Tribune

An intoxicated man brandishing a gun at a crowded Lake Tahoe beach was arrested Wednesday.

Douglas County Sheriff’s deputies responded to Zephyr Cove Beach at about 1 p.m. and spoke with witnesses who said the suspect, David Miller, approached them calling himself “Machine Gun Crazy Dave.” He then showed them a handgun and magazine.

Officers located Miller on the beach and he agreed to speak with them, according to a sheriff’s office report. Miller’s speech was slurred and his eyes were bloodshot and watery which led to a breath test that revealed a .156 BAC.

Miller admitted to having a handgun and officers found a Sig Sauer 938, 9mm pistol with a magazine inserted in his backpack. He also admitted he did not have a concealed carry permit.

The report said the hammer was cocked and the safety was off, although there was no round in the chamber, and was in a velcro holster. The backpack also held another magazine and a hunting knife.

Miller was arrested for possession of a firearm when under the influence of alcohol and carrying a concealed weapon without a permit and booked at the Stateline Jail.

Miller had a pitbull with him, off leash, that was placed in the Stateline Jail kennel.

The arresting officer noted that he had been eating lunch when he received the call and forgot to put on his body camera. Officers also noted the beach was crowded with patrons.