Man arrested after reported drunken parking lot rampage |

Man arrested after reported drunken parking lot rampage

A California man was arrested on Saturday after allegedly nearly hitting several people and a patrol car during a drunken shoplifting escape in Zephyr Cove.

Cameron G. Pellow, 21, of Auburn, came to authorities’ attention 5 p.m. Saturday after a deputy was waved down by two people who told him the driver had taken a cart full of merchandise and appeared to be extremely intoxicated.

Two deputies stopped the black Toyota pickup while Pellow was trying to exit the Safeway.

Pellow allegedly revved the motor of the Toyota and then backed up toward one of the deputies. He then drove through the Safeway parking lot at 45 mph, then came to a stop.

He then backed up, almost hitting a patrol car and two pedestrians.

Pellow turned onto Highway 50, driving between 45-80 mph before pulling into a bar. He was ordered out of the pickup at gunpoint. Pellow allegedly resisted deputies and was struck by deputies until he complied and could be handcuffed.

Deputies reported he smelled of alcohol and obtained a search warrant to obtain a blood sample.