Man admits theft of solar panels |

Man admits theft of solar panels

A Washoe Valley man admitted Tuesday that he stole solar panels from two Douglas County homes, a church and the college.

Geoffrey Meudt, 40, is accused of the theft of 60 solar panels over five months between November and March.

Meudt faces 1-10 years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine at his Aug. 19 sentencing date.

“Mr. Meudt started turning his life around just before he was arrested on this charge” Defense attorney Kris Brown said. “He’s found sobriety after basically a lifetime of drug use. When he was arrested, he was cooperative and helped locate the solar panels.”

Brown told District Judge Tod Young that a majority of the panels have been located.

Young asked Meudt if he took the panels.

“Yes sir I did,” he said, “100 percent.”

Under a plea agreement, prosecutors wouldn’t oppose Meudt’s release on his own recognizance. He has been in jail since his May 20 arrest.

Young agreed to release Meudt on his own recognizance, but said the next eight weeks would be a test.

“This is not a casual crime,” Young said. “He may need to go to prison. I will release him on his OR, but he should spend the time proving to me why he shouldn’t go to prison. He has eight weeks to show me something.”