Man admits Stateline knife attack |

Man admits Stateline knife attack

A Californian faces 1-5 years in prison after admitting to attempted assault with a deadly weapon in connection with an alleged knife attack at Stateline last year.

Andrew S. Elliot, 52, agreed to a plea agreement in exchange for a recommendation that he be placed on probation at his Jan. 14, 2020, sentencing.

Elliot was arrested Oct. 27, 2018, after deputies responded to a woman’s screams.

According to the sheriff’s report, Elliot was involved in a fight with his wife when another woman asked if she was OK. The victim told deputies she was walking away when Elliot came up behind her and threatened to cut her throat.

The woman screamed and Elliot pushed her away. The victim received a small cut in the incident.

Attorney Joey Gilbert said Elliot will lose his job due to the felony conviction.

■ A Gardnerville man who was arrested twice for heroin in a week around Christmas 2018 admitted two counts of possession of a controlled substance on Tuesday.

George Best, 37, was arrested on Dec. 22 after he and a woman were found slumped over the wheel of a pickup at a Minden convenience store.

Best was arrested again on Dec. 28 when authorities found him under the influence during a home visit.

Under a plea agreement, prosecutors won’t oppose a diversion program and drug court. While the charge carries a 1-4 year sentence, both the defense and prosecution said they believe probation is mandatory in the case.

■ A woman who served as the driver in three LSD sales last spring received a suspended sentence after admitting to conspiracy to violate the Uniform Controlled Substances Act.

Kathleen K. McGowan, 18, faces 360 days in jail if she fails her probation after District Judge Tod Young determined the charge would be treated as a gross misdemeanor.

The man McGowan was driving waived his preliminary hearing in September and faces a felony in district court.

■ A Reno man who admitted taking someone else’s vehicle was ordered to spend 61 days in jail after he pleaded guility.

Juan M. Lopez Leyva, 27, was arrested in July.

District Judge Tod Young said the fact the car was only missing a day and that Lopez-Leyva told the owner where to find it counted in his favor.

“His history shows he hasn’t gone very long without committing a crime,” Young said. “Quit being a criminal.”

Lopez Leyva was given credit for 14 days time served.

■ A Gardnerville Ranchos man who failed to register as a sex offender admitted to a gross misdemeanor on Tuesday.

William Allan Pinkelman, 51, was arrested Sept. 14 after it was reported he was no longer at the address he’d listed.

He was sentenced to a suspended 364-day sentence on condition he register as both a sex-offender and an ex-felon.

Attorney Matthew Ence said Pinkelman has complied with both requirements.