Man admits parking lot rampage |

Man admits parking lot rampage

While questioning the speeds, a man who terrorized the Zephyr Cove Safeway parking lot last month admitted Tuesday that he refused to stop for deputies.

Cameron G. Pellow, 21, was arrested March 30 after a drunken shoplifting spree that saw him load a cart full of merchandise into his pickup and start driving around the parking lot.

Deputies estimated his speed in the parking lot at 45 mph, something Pellow denied.

He didn’t deny nearly hitting several people and a patrol car while driving. He eventually made his way down Highway 50 before pulling into the parking lot of a bar, where deputies pulled him out of the pickup at gunpoint and had to subdue him.

The charge carries a sentence of 1-6 years in prison. As part of the plea agreement he pleaded guilty to driving under the influence and petit larceny in Tahoe Township Justice Court.

He was released on his own recognizance pending his June 4 sentencing. He will be required to wear a transdermal device to ensure he isn’t drinking alcohol.

“Drinking is the root of all the problems I have,” he said.

A man faces the possibility of prison after he admitted using a stolen credit card to buy a $32 video game.

Anthony C. Morales, 35, admitted Tuesday to use of a credit card without the owner’s permission.

“This is one of the most ridiculous crimes I’ve ever heard of,” District Judge Tod Young said. “For a $32 video game you’re facing four years in prison.”

A Las Vegas resident, Morales said he was in Indian Hills visiting his father.

In addition to paying for the video game, Morales will have to pay $953 in extradition costs as part of his sentence.

A Carson City man who used methamphetamine just days before he was due to be in court for attempted to carry a concealed weapon will spend the next two months in jail.

David Z. Seslar, 22, was arrested at James Lee Park on Aug. 20, 2018, with a 9-mm handgun concealed in his back pocket under his shirt.

Seslar’s attorney Maria Pence, said he failed to show up for a test when his color was called because he couldn’t distinguish between cinnamon and salmon.

Seslar tested positive for methamphetamine on Monday, according to Chief Doug Albertson.

Prosecutor Erik Levin said Seslar has had five alternative sentence violations since he made bail, with two missed tests and three positives, including Monday.

“It seems he can’t stay away from drugs,” Levin said.

If sentenced as a felony, Seslar faces up to four years in prison. The gross misdemeanor carries a maximum sentence of a year in Douglas County Jail.

A Woodfords woman was granted diversion on a methamphetamine possession charge stemming from her Dec. 19, 2018, arrest.

Rebecca A. Mortimer, 32, said she has been undergoing treatment at Progress House since January.

Should she be successful, the felony charge would be dismissed and her record sealed. Should she fail, she would no longer be eligible for mandatory probation and could face 1-4 years in prison.