Man admits crimes committed in jealous rage |

Man admits crimes committed in jealous rage

A Californian admitted he took another person’s wallet and cell phone and trashed a vehicle in connection with a Feb. 12, 2019, confrontation at a Stateline hotel.

Efrain Salinas, 30, entered guilty pleas on Tuesday to felony theft and gross misdemeanor tampering with a motor vehicle.

According to court documents, the victim said Salinas approached him while gambling at the MontBleu Resort Casino. Salinas was allegedly angry the man was vacationing with his ex-wife, who had just broken off a relationship with Salinas.

During a struggle, the man’s cell phone and wallet fell out of his pocket and Salinas grabbed them and took off. Deputies verified the victim’s account on security video.

A short time later, deputies returned to the hotel to take a report that the victim’s vehicle had been trashed by Salinas, with windows broken, tires flattened and the sides dented.

In a plea negotiation, Salinas’ sentencing on the felony will be deferred for a year after his April 7 sentencing in the tampering. If he stays out of trouble for the year, he will be able to withdraw his plea to the felony, which carries a sentence of 1-5 years.

■ A Gardnerville man faces a March 24 sentencing after he admitted to gross misdemeanor possession of a dangerous weapon.

Daniel Redding was arrested Jan. 2 after deputies found a baton in his possession. An ex-felon, Redding, 27, faces up to 364 days in jail at his sentencing.

■ A man arrested within moments of taking someone else’s vehicle on Dec. 7, 2019, admitted to possession of a stolen motor vehicle.

Shane Dollar, 19, faces up to 1-5 years in prison at his March 24 sentencing.

He has a warrant out of Lyon County mental health court.

■ A woman who drove off as a deputy was trying to pull her out of a vehicle was found competent last week.

Kimberly Ann Maddox appeared in East Fork Justice Court on Wednesday, where a Feb. 28 preliminary hearing was set in her case.

Maddox, 34, has been in custody since November on charges of battery on an officer, hit and run with injury and drug trafficking. The incident occurred in Indian Hills.

■ A Texas man was congratulated on completing a three-year felony diversion program.

Jason Morse, 48, was granted diversion in July 2016 after his November 2015 arrest for a third instance of driving under the influence.

As a result of his nearly four-year program, Morse was able to withdraw his plea to the felony and plead to a misdemeanor second DUI.

Morse thanked the court for granting the diversion, which changed his life.

■ A three-day trial was scheduled for a man whose attorney said was found with a hypodermic in his arm back in 2017.

Bradley Richard Kirby denied a charge of possession of a controlled substance in connection with the Dec. 7, 2017 arrest.

Attorney John Malone said that discovery showed there wasn’t enough substance in the syringe for the Washoe Crime Lab to confirm Kirby was in possession of the drug.

Saying that sounded like a defense, District Judge Tod Young set a trial for June 17.