Man accused of 14-year-old’s rape |

Man accused of 14-year-old’s rape

A Gardnerville Ranchos man was taken into custody on Wednesday accused of the sexual assault of a 14-year-old girl.

David John Harris, 27, was transferred from Carson City where he was being evaluated for suicidal thoughts, on an East Fork Justice Court warrant issued April 24.

According to court documents, Harris told detectives that he’d had sexual encounters with the girl.

He’d allegedly purchased a Plan B pill for the girl. He said he was drunk and that he’d had sex with her during a camping trip.

He was taken to be evaluated after he expressed thoughts of suicide to detectives.

Harris was booked on Wednesday on charges of sexual assault of someone under the age of 16, statutory sexual seduction, lewdness and child abuse.

A Woodfords woman was booked for a probation violation after she allegedly shoplifted at the Grant Avenue Walmart.

Tashina Lundy, 25, was on probation for battery by a prisoner for punching a jail deputy in the face.

Should her probation be revoked she’s facing 12-30 months in prison.