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Judge Young grants three individuals probation

by Rachel Spacek

An Alpine County woman was granted probation in District Judge Tod Young’s court on Tuesday after she admitted to a charge of battery by a prisoner.

Tashina C. Lundy, 22, was arrested in February for elder abuse and simple battery after she attacked several women at a Minden restaurant. While in custody, in March, Lundy resisted an officer’s attempt to move her to an isolation cell by punching him in the face. She then pushed him, knocking him backward toward the ground. The officer then pulled out his Taser, ordered Lundy to the ground and detained her.

In court on Tuesday, Lundy had her 30-month prison sentence suspended and she was granted probation and will enter a mental health treatment program.

■ A Carson City man received probation after he admitted to a charge of assault with a deadly weapon.

Michael D. Spears, 60, was arrested after deputies responded to a domestic violence incident. According to reports, Spears pinned a woman on a couch by the neck and held a pillow over her face. He then allegedly took a knife and held the dull side to her throat. Reports also said Spears threatened to kill the victim and burn her house down.

Both the victim and Spears’ son wrote letters to Young, explaining they believed his violence was induced by alcohol and recommended he be granted a diversion program.

Spears told Young that he had a bad year and recognized he had a problem and wanted to fix his life. Young granted him probation, but assured him that if he violated, he would be going to prison.

■ A Carson City man involved in a road rage incident in October was granted a suspended sentence after he admitted to carrying a concealed weapon.

Richard J. Woodward, 34, was arrested in October when deputies responded to shots fired reports. At 1:50 p.m. officers responded to the incident in the area of State Route 88 and Lower Emigrant Trail. Alpine County Sheriff’s Department later confirmed no one was shot in the altercation.

According to reports, the victim told deputies he and the subject got into a physical altercation when Woodward pulled out a pistol. Woodward then got into his car and fled the scene. Officers then located Woodward’s vehicle at Jacks Valley Road near Big Sky trail and conducted a traffic stop.

Prosecutor Ric Casper told the court alcohol was found in Woodward’s system at the time of the arrest. Casper said he believed this was an alcoholism and firearms problem.

“Every time I drink, I end up on the wrong side of the law,” Woodward told the court.

Young granted Woodward probation but reminded him that carrying a concealed weapon is a serious offence and he needed to be sure to stay away from firearms from now on.

■ A South Lake Tahoe man admitted to possessing a controlled substance, he is facing a maximum sentence of 48 months. The case is not a mandatory probation case.

Parker H. Eoff, 29, was arrested Dec. 2 on charges of possession of paraphernalia, possession of a controlled substance, possession of a dangerous drug without a prescription and a failure to appear warrant.

According to reports deputies were in the parking lot of Dotty’s Casino when they saw a man lean over the driver’s seat in a vehicle and spark a lighter. Deputies saw Eoff with a straw tube cylinder in his mouth, under the cylinder was aluminium foil that he was heating up with the lighter.

Deputies made contact with the man and found a dangerous prescription drug and heroin.

Eoff will be sentenced on Feb. 20.