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Jacks Valley man in custody on RV shooting

A Jacks Valley man allegedly fired nine holes through the side of his RV early Friday morning, claiming he was repelling intruders.

Harold J. Nolte, 33, told deputies who responded to a report of shots fired on Arcadia Drive that someone was trying to get into the RV and that he emptied a 9 mm and a rifle to dissuade them.

Deputies responded to Arcadia Drive at 2:25 a.m.

They found only one set of tracks between the RV and the main house and several bullet holes in the side of the RV.

Nolte said the intruders tried to break into the vehicle for two hours and that he rang a cowbell loudly to frighten them off before resorting to gunfire.

The rifle shot passed through several items and hit the main house where his grandmother’s room was located.

Nolte said he’d used marijuana earlier.

He was taken into custody for discharging a firearm in a structure.