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Jacks Valley man admits firing weapon at invisible intruders

A Jacks Valley man, who reportedly waged war on invisible intruders, admitted to possession of a firearm by a user of a controlled substance.

Harold Nolte, 33, was arrested on Feb. 23 after he called deputies reporting someone was attempting to break into his RV on Arcadia Drive.

He had shot at intruders through the trailer’s door with a 9mm, as well as through his kitchen window with a shotgun. Officers said there was only one set of footprints around the trailer, and no one else on the property had heard any commotion before Nolte began firing shots.

Nolte had been ringing a cowbell beforehand to scare the intruders away, but had to resort to gunfire after the cowbell did not dissuade them.

Nolte claimed his urine sometimes came back as positive for PCP, but he never used it. He did come back positive for methamphetamine after he was taken into custody.

He faces a maximum of 1-6 years in prison and a $5,000 fine.

Sentencing is scheduled for June 18.

A man admitted Monday to carrying a concealed firearm as an ex-felon.

Gregory Hicks, 25, faces a maximum of five years in prison and a $10,000 fine after being arrested for felony carrying a firearm as an ex-felon, and carrying a concealed weapon. Hicks was found with a Walter Smith & Weston PPK pistol. Sentencing is set for June 11. Hicks is out of custody.

An Indian Hills woman was sentenced Monday on a drug felony stemming from an October arrest.

Felicia Eattock, 31, was sentenced after she admitted to possession of a controlled substance. Eattock was originally facing trafficking charges.

She was arrested on Oct. 1 after a 14-year-old girl had allegedly overdosed on marijuana in an Indian Hills home.

Officers also found 7.6 grams of methamphetamine in a purse belonging to Eattock.

She tested positive for methamphetamine, cocaine, and marijuana.

While out on bail, she tested positive for methamphetamine.

Eattock said she was in counseling, and the court was asked to not put her into the drug court program as she was taking medical marijuana for pain management until her doctors could transition her to pharmaceuticals. Eattock said she wanted to avoid opoids, as she had an addiction problem with them.

She was sentenced to 30 months with parole at 12, suspended with probation for no more than three years.

She was allowed to stay on medical marijuana for 60 days, while she makes the transition to a pharmaceutical.

A Sacramento man originally arrested for domestic violence was released on increased bail after he was arrested for missing court.

Adam Medina, 39, was arrested after he did not show up for Douglas County District Court two weeks in a row.

He was arrested at the Lake Tahoe Justice Court after attending his court date there a day later.

Medina claimed it was a mix-up between attorneys.

Medina was arrested on a charge of felony battery constituting as domestic violence with strangulation, burglary and invasion of the home.

On Feb. 12, Medina and the victim were allegedly in an argument when the victim barred herself inside her bedroom after Medina became violent. The victim claimed she was frightened of Medina because of past interactions. Eventually Medina broke through the door and grabbed the victim from where she was hiding beside the bed, punched her in the face multiple times and strangled her with his hands.

Medina also allegedly claimed that he would go on a shooting spree.

His bail was increased to $7,500 and he was ordered to stay away from the victim and the victim’s family.

The case was continued after the court rejected Medina’s request for a public defender, and gave him until May 14 to hire a new attorney.

He has prior convictions for DUI, probation violation, and domestic violence.