Indian Hills man faces charges in shooting |

Indian Hills man faces charges in shooting


An Indian Hills man is facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon and pointing a firearm at a person in connection with a May, 4, 2019, shoot-out.

Investigators counted 23 bullets expended in the gun battle that occurred in a cul de sac at 11:35 p.m.

Dallas Tanner Nicholson, 28, is scheduled to appear in East Fork Justice Court on Wednesday with attorney Matt Ence.

He is free on his own recognizance as long as he does not have a firearm.

According to court files, the incident occurred after a confrontation between Nicholson and a woman’s boyfriend. Nicholson is accused of drawing a weapon in a threatening manner, prompting the boyfriend’s friend to draw a weapon and shoot Nicholson. Nicholson returned fire. Both men emptied their firearms.

Investigators say Nicholson drew his weapon first.

■ A Carson City woman who allegedly broke into a Minden hotel room is facing a felony drug charge.

Dayana Ayalaochoa, 24, is scheduled to appear in Douglas County District Court on Monday after she waived a preliminary hearing last week.

Ayalaochoa and a California man were both arrested on April 10 after deputies responded to a report of someone trying handles at the hotel.

Ayalaochoa appeared to be under the influence when she told deputies that someone had let her into a room at the hotel to use the shower. Employees denied that happened. They found a backpack she described in a room the hotel uses for storage. The Californian admitted to defrauding an innkeeper and making false statements to a deputy and was sentenced to a suspended 180-day sentence. The man was supervised by parole and probation in California and was ordered not to return to Douglas County without authorization.