Indian Hills assault case prompts more charges |

Indian Hills assault case prompts more charges


The first words a 59-year-old Indian Hills man facing assault charges said in court on Monday were “I’m not prejudiced.”

Thomas Morris remains in custody in lieu of $62,000. bail after a judge rejected a prosecution motion to raise bail.

Morris is facing two counts of assault with a deadly weapon, aiming a firearm at another person and elder abuse battery.

He is denying the charges.

Morris was arrested early Sept. 12 after neighbors said they saw him climbing a fence with a gun and saw the red dot from a laser scope target their car and themselves. He is also facing charges for allegedly awakening his landlord by putting a gun to her head, prosecutor Erik Levin said Wednesday.

After obtaining a warrant for Morris’ Loyola address, deputies found the weapon with the sight.

Morris claimed people were putting a tracking device on his vehicle and that people were selling drugs on the street.

■ A warrant was issued for the arrest of a Sparks man, who didn’t appear in court on Tuesday because he is in Washoe County custody.

Robert Michael Baker, 32, was arrested in Washoe County on Sept. 13 on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.

Baker admitted to a charge of felony battery by a probationer in August and faces up to six years in prison.

Baker was arrested May 1 after he grabbed the victim by the throat in front of two children. She told deputies that she thought she blacked out momentarily.

Baker is facing a felony charge of battery by a probationer. He was on a suspended sentence at the time of his arrest.