Imaginary intruder shooter given probation |

Imaginary intruder shooter given probation

An Indian Hills man charged with possession of a firearm while under the influence of a controlled substance was received probation on Monday.

Harold Nolte Jr., 33, was arrested in February after he fired nine holes through the side of his RV against imaginary intruders.

He claimed people had been trying to get into the trailer for two hours, and that he had rang a cowbell loudly to frighten them off before resorting to gunfire.

He was granted probation, with a suspended sentence of 12-36 months in prison.

He was also ordered to attend Western Regional Drug Court, and pay fees and fines of over $700.

■ A man who has been kicked out of the MontBleu Hotel in Stateline multiple times under multiple names admitted to the charge of possession heroin.

Thomas Andrew Pedroli, 32, was arrested after deputies received a report a man was trespassing at the MontBleu Resort despite having been “86’d” on several occasions.

He gave deputies a fake name, but was identified as Thomas Pedroli.

During a search of his person, they found heroin and tools used to consume the drug.

He is facing up to 48 months in prison and a fine of $5,000.

His sentencing is scheduled for Aug. 13, though he still has to serve 180 days out of a Tahoe Township Justice Court sentence.

■ A bench warrant was also issued for a woman who failed to appear after being charged with possession of methamphetamine and testing positive for the drug while awaiting her hearing.

Lisa Marie Garrison, 49, was arrested after her children called their grandmother reporting that their parents were acting “weird.” The grandmother came and collected them along with one of the children’s friends and called deputies to do a home check, reporting they may be using drugs.

Deputies knew Garrison and her husband to be known drug users, and reported Garrison appeared to be under the influence of methamphetamine. After discussing what had transpired that morning, Garrison finally handed deputies a baggie of methamphetamine and a pipe, stating she and her husband had used two days prior.

Garrison tested positive for methamphetamine on May 23, and failed to appear for the violation hearing.

A bench warrant was issued after the positive test.

■ A man violated his alternative sentencing by driving a car, despite being ordered not to, striking a garage and fleeing the scene.

Travis P. Atchison, 27, was arrested during Cinco de Mayo weekend after deputies found him unconscious in the Ranchos’ sand pits behind the wheel of his running vehicle with an open beer and a lit cigarette between his fingers. He blew a preliminary blood alcohol level of .253 and was taken into custody.

One of his conditions of alternative sentencing was to not operate a vehicle. However, Atchison was arrested again after claiming he was momentarily blinded by the sun and struck a garage. Since he knew he wasn’t supposed to be driving, he panicked and ran on foot through a golf course. A call came into deputies with his description and he was apprehended nearby.

A drug and alcohol test came back negative for both and his brother came to retrieve the car from the scene.

■ A bench warrant was issued for a woman after she failed to appear in court, charged with possession methamphetamine.

Heather White, 27, was arrested Jan. 1 during a traffic stop in which she was the passenger. They found she had a warrant out of Reno for child neglect, and she admitted she also had methamphetamine on her person.

A warrant in the amount of $3,000 cash only was issued after she failed to appear for her arraignment Monday morning.