Man denies Kingsbury break-in |

Man denies Kingsbury break-in

by Amy Alonzo

A former Kingsbury man denied illegally entering a property after workers found him in October in his ex-wife’s home.

John Dunham, 47, has a protective order against him.

Defense attorney Kris Brown told Judge Tod Young in Douglas County District Court Tuesday that Dunham entered the property to retrieve his belongings and spend the night because he had nowhere else to go.

Prosecutor Ric Casper said Dunham has several previous charges, including a 2013 charge of assault with a deadly weapon. Earlier this year Dunham was arrested for battery.

His trial is set for Feb. 13.

■ Joseph Warren, 23, of Reno, admitted to stealing boxes of Nicorette gum from a Walmart. He had been off parole less than a month when he was arrested May 6 for the theft.

Warren told Young he isn’t stupid, and that he had good intentions. He said he planned to sell the Nicorette gum at a Reno pawn shop or on eBay, and that each box of gum would net about $15. He said he planned to give the money to his mom.

“While you tell me you’re not stupid, your crime was,” Young said.

Young sentenced him to 36 months in Nevada State Prison. He told Warren he is reluctantly suspending the sentence so that Warren can attend Western Nevada Drug Court.

“I’m being selfish,” Warren told Young. “I’d like a chance.”

William Craig, 38, admitted to driving under the influence in May with a minor in the vehicle. Craig was arrested May 6 after he was in an accident with an 8-year-old in his vehicle. His sentencing is set for Jan. 24.

■ Leonard Carr, 42, denied charges that he defrauded an innkeeper for nearly $4,000.

Carr was arrested Sept. 29 for allegedly racking up $3,814.52 in unpaid charges at Montbleu Casino in Stateline.

His trial is set for April 24.

■ A California woman is denying charges that she allegedly had a bag of methamphetamine in her shoe.

Fern Carrette, aka Fern Capra, 48, was arrested May 4, 2015, at Lake Tahoe after hiding under a vehicle from deputies. Deputies had recognized her as having a warrant out of Carson City.

■ Jarl Gene Klockars, 54, of Gardnerville, was ordered to attend a DUI diversion program for a felony DUI third offense. Klockars was arrested in June after being involved in a accident on Highway 395. When police arrived, he had a .297 blood alcohol content.

At Tuesday’s hearing, Klockars was visibly shaking, and Young ordered he take a breathalyzer test. The test came back negative. Klockars told Young he is going on two months of sobriety.

■ A trial date of March 13 was set for a California man who allegedly took a car that didn’t belong to him.

Ronnie Rayon, 33, went to the Carson Valley Inn with a friend from California, where they gambled through the night.

Rayon later took the friend’s car from the valet, without a valet ticket, and drove the car to California, where he abandoned it on the side of the road.