Grandmother sentenced to 8-10 years in drug case |

Grandmother sentenced to 8-10 years in drug case


A 57-year-old grandmother was one of two people who received up to 10-year prison sentences for unrelated drug trafficking cases on Monday.

Reno resident Susan Frances Hinton was sentenced to a minimum 8-10 year prison term for in connection with a methamphetamine ring.

“It’s true I am an addict, who has made terrible decisions throughout my life,” Hinton read from a letter at her sentencing. “I don’t want a prison cell to be my casket. Please don’t throw me away.”

The sentence was a mandatory minimum under Nevada law, which included a $100 fine.

Hinton admitted her part in a July 21 drug deal involving 4 ounces of methamphetamine. She was arrested Sept. 17 on a warrant issued for her, Alexis Rae Johnson, 29, and Demariea Antoine Doucet, 27.

Johnson pleaded guilty to attempted trafficking and faces 1-10 years in prison at her sentencing on Dec. 14. Unlike Hinton, Johnson could receive probation at sentencing.

Doucet is scheduled to appear for a preliminary hearing in East Fork Justice Court on Dec. 23.

The driver of a vehicle stopped for speeding that resulted in the discovery of 15 ounces of methamphetamine was sentenced to 4-10 years on Monday for low-level trafficking.

Darin Allan Navarro, 55, has denied he had any knowledge that there was a big bag of methamphetamine in the console of the vehicle on July 5.

He was driving co-defendant Arlene Francis Griffin, 53, when a deputy pulled him over for driving 95 mph in a 55 mph zone.

Attorney John Malone said Navarro was essentially helping a friend, but instead of taking a chance with a jury in a case that could result in a life sentence, he decided to take a deal.

Prosecutor Erik Levin pointed out that Navarro had been previously convicted for trafficking.

“He knows all about drugs and the consequences,” Levin said.

Navarro was given credit for 149 days time served.

Griffin is scheduled to appear in district court next week.