Girl’s seduction leads to maximum sentence |

Girl’s seduction leads to maximum sentence

A former Carson Valley man received the maximum 2-10-year prison sentence for seducing a 15-year-old girl.

Both the girl and her mother testified on Monday against Caleb Patrick Demaranville-Massey.

The girl said he told her he was 17 years old when they first met.

“I got really worried that if I told what happened he would hurt me or someone in my family,” the girl said.

While he gave his age as 23 at his arraignment, the Nevada Department of Corrections lists his age as 25.

Her mother asked District Judge Tom Gregory to give Demaranville-Massey the maximum sentence for the “pure devastation the defendant has caused my family and my daughter.”

She said the maximum sentence would give her daughter and family a sense of security.

Demaranville-Massey, who also goes by Proctor Henry, has eight other aliases according to the Department of Corrections.

He was on parole after being sentenced to 2-5 years prison in Lyon County in connections with the theft of a vehicle in Mound House. He was arrested in the Gardnerville Ranchos in August 2016.

Attorney Maria Pence said Demaranville-Massey failed out of a specialty court and was ordered to inpatient treatment by Carson, but then Lyon County sent him to prison in connection with the theft.

The Department of Corrections lists his last parole hearing as June 2019.

Demaranville-Massey apologized for his actions.

“She did nothing at all, everything is on me,” he said.

Pence argued for probation, after pointing out that a psycho-sexual evaluation revealed he was not likely to re-offend.

Gregory denied probation and sentenced him to prison. He will serve that sentence consecutively with whatever sentence Carson City imposes. He will be supervised as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

Because he was on parole and probation at the time of the offense, he was given no credit for time served.

Demaranville-Massey was the subject of a two-week search and a Secret Witness post before he was found in Reno on June 9 and returned to Douglas County.