Gardnerville woman admits burglary |

Gardnerville woman admits burglary

by Taylor Pettaway

A Gardnerville woman pleaded guilty in court Tuesday for a residential burglary in July.

Jessica A. Starr, 29, was arrested on July 12 for trespassing and residential burglary after a realtor found Starr and a male accomplice inside a home for sale near the 900 block of Sheridan Lane.

According to reports, the man entered the home and saw a male and female, dressed in black, flee through the back door and into a waiting vehicle. A phone, later identified as belonging to Starr, was found at the scene and she was later arrested.

She pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy.

Starr also was in court Tuesday for a bail violation for consuming alcohol while out of jail. She asked the court to consider drug court for her, claiming problems with alcohol and methamphetamine, however Judge Tod Young didn’t agree it was a proper fit.

He told Starr that he didn’t trust she would be a good fit because she had already violated her conditions and couldn’t take responsibility for her actions.

“I am not very tolerant of you,” Young said.

Young did say the only reason why he held off on sending Starr to prison was because he didn’t want to cause extreme difficulties for her children.

Starr is scheduled to be sentenced Oct. 24.

A Gardnerville man also pleaded guilty Tuesday to charges of child endangerment.

According to the courts, Shaun C. Followill, 35, had punched his victim in the arm and upper torso several times as a form of discipline. He was originally arrested April 6 for domestic battery charges.

Young granted Followill a deferred sentence of a year in jail with the guilty plea. The deferral is active until August 2019.