Gardnerville Ranchos man denied diversion |

Gardnerville Ranchos man denied diversion

by Sarah Hauck

A Gardnerville Ranchos man had his request for diversion denied on a possession of a controlled substance charge.

Daniel Duckworth, 33, was placed on probation for no more than three years instead of serving his 19-48 month sentence.

His request for a diversion program that would have expunged the felony from his record if he was successful was denied because of his extensive criminal history which included a felony he had already done prison time for, as well as more than a dozen misdemeanor convictions.

Duckworth was ordered to complete Western Regional Drug Court as a condition of his probation, which he has been participating in informally.

Duckworth was arrested April 29 after a baggie of methamphetamine dropped out of his pant leg during a traffic stop for speeding.

Judge Tom Gregory wished Duckworth luck during his probation.

“I hope you’re ready to better your life,” Gregory said. “You indicated that you were so that you could be there for your mother and live a clean and sober life. I hope you’re successful.”

■ A South Lake Tahoe man was returned to Douglas County authorities to discuss other diversion program options.

Brian Cruess, 26, was participating in Salvation Army as an order from Western Regional Drug Court, as part of his diversion.

After being medically released from the Salvation Army program, Cruess was ordered to continue drug court out of Carson City.

He was unable to make the trips to Carson City for drug court and counseling because of not having a ride.

Cruess has not been attending his meetings and counseling for the last three months, resulting in a warrant for his arrest, which he turned himself in on June 27.

He has asked to be formally removed from drug court to allow him to participate in an alternate diversion program.

Cruess was arrested May 1, 2014, at CVS Pharmacy after employees recognized him for using fraudulent credit cards.

He handed the deputies a stack of credit cards without his name on them, one belonging to his brother.

Deputies found a baggie of heroin in the back of the patrol car after transporting Cruess.

Cruess admitted guilt to possession of a controlled substance and possession of a credit card without consent.

He is facing up to four years and $5,000 in fines on both charges.

A California man was urged to complete the remaining steps of his 12-step program in order to be released from probation by the end of the year.

Julian Philipp, 24, was placed on probation for possession of a controlled substance for sale April 21, 2014.

Philipp is a year into his diversion that did not got through Western Regional Drug Court or the Department of Parole and Probation, so there has been no formal supervision, leaving proof of his progress up to Philipp.

He told Judge Tom Gregory he is on step 9 of 12 for his court ordered 12-step program and is benefiting from the program.

“I’m getting my life back on track,” Philipp said Monday. “I’m really glad I’ve come this far. I’ve got an interview today that could change my life. I would finally be able to help my mom out instead of her always helping me out.”

If he completes his 12-step program as well as providing AA sign-in sheets for the last several months, Philipp could be eligible for release from probation at his review hearing Dec. 14.

Philipp was arrested July 2013 at Harrah’s Casino when he was stopped trying to get into the nightclub.

Three bags of cocaine totaling 3.75 grams were found in his iPod as well as $496 in cash.