Gardnerville man pleads guilty to theft |

Gardnerville man pleads guilty to theft

by Sarah Hauck

A Stateline man admitted to taking his grandmother’s car and then ditching it after she called the police.

Zachary McClure, 20, was arrested June 15 after abandoning his grandmother’s 2003 Toyota RAV 4 on Primrose in Stateline.

McClure admitted he kept the vehicle longer than they agreed and then refused to give it back.

His grandmother called the police, causing him to panic and ditch the vehicle.

McClure pleaded guilty to theft on Monday.

At his sentencing the state has agreed to recommend that McClure take part in the Regimental Discipline Program as part of a deferred sentence.

If he succeeds in the program McClure will be able to withdraw his guilty plea to the felony theft charge in exchange for his guilty plea to unlawful taking of a motor vehicle, a gross misdemeanor.

Sentencing is Aug. 31.

■ A Pine View Estates woman was granted permission into DUI Court to avoid a third DUI.

Faye Ramseepaul, 30, was ordered to enter and complete DUI Court as a diversion.

Ramseepaul was arrested Jan. 12 after pulling out in front of a deputy at Highway 395 and Riverview and failing to maintain her lane and speeding.

When deputies made contact a strong odor of alcohol was coming from the car.

Ramseepaul proceeded to fail field sobriety tests and was arrested for DUI.

A blood test revealed a blood alcohol content of .251.

She has been participating in DUI Court informally since May 4 and was commended for her efforts in the program.

Ramseepaul has started counseling as well as 12-step meetings.

If she completes her diversion program her third DUI will be reduced to a second.

Her previous DUI convictions are from November 2009 and October 2006.

Ramseepaul was serving 18 months on probation as part of the 2006 conviction on a similar charge, which qualifies it to be considered when charging for a DUI third.

■ A Gardnerville man admitted to selling more than two grams of methamphetamine.

Brookes Dickson, 30, was arrested May 27 after allegedly selling 2.2 grams of methamphetamine in two different sales.

“I was doing it to support myself habit wise,” Dickson told Judge Tom Gregory. “I let it get the best of me.”

The state will be recommending no more than 36 months in prison, however, both sides are free to argue for an appropriate sentence.

Dickson faces 26-72 months and up to a $20,000 fine at his Sept. 14 sentencing.

■ A Sacramento man was placed on probation after admitting to taking some bad advice from his father.

Bradley Steelmon, 27, admitted to conspiracy on May 4.

He admitted to filing a false insurance claim, saying his vehicle was stolen, when in fact it was set on fire.

Steelmon was arrested June 27, 2014, after video surveillance placed him and another person at the scene where his Dodge Stratus was set on fire.

Steelmon admitted he had called his father when his car broke down in South Lake Tahoe, who told him he would bring a trailer to tow the vehicle.

His father showed up without a trailer and the pair drove the vehicle away and set it on fire to be able to file an insurance claim for the value of the vehicle.

Steelmon had his 364 days in jail suspended for no more than three years.

He was ordered to seek counseling as well as pay a $500 fine in the first year of his probation.

He was given credit for 21 days of time served.