Fighting with deputies adds to man’s case load |

Fighting with deputies adds to man’s case load


A Gardnerville man is scheduled to appear in Douglas County District Court on Monday in connection with two felonies stemming from a fight with deputies in the jail.

Michael Cota Jr., 19, who recently admitted to a felony count of burglary of a firearm, told jail deputies his ankle was bothering him on July 6 and that he wanted to go to the medical center.

When he was told he would be examined by the jail nurse first, he started fighting with deputies, punching one in the head.

He was Tazed and put in the restraint chair.

Cota waived his preliminary hearing in East Fork Justice Court on Monday.

A Reno man was arrested Tuesday after a parole and probation officer appeared in court to ask why he wasn’t in custody.

Leonard E. Carr, 44, appeared in Douglas County District Court on a bench warrant issued while he was in custody in Washoe County.

He told District Judge Tod Young that a preliminary hearing had been set in his Washoe case and that he was released after posting bail.

Probation Officer Anna Day told the judge she placed a hold on Carr, who is also facing charges in Clark County.

Carr was arrested in September 2015 after running up a nearly $4,000 tab for a room at the MontBleu Casino.

A California man will remain in custody while awaiting a Sept. 11 hearing to revoke his diversion on three gross misdemeanors.

Michael Lindauer, 34, was arrested in 2016 after a fight with deputies ended up in the travel lane of Highway 395.

Lindauer was arrested on St. Patrick’s Day in California for allegedly taking things from someone’s motorcycle.

A no-bail warrant was issued for the arrest of a 54-year-old man who failed to show up for sentencing on Tuesday.

Rick E. Handsberry faces 1-4 years in prison on a possession of methamphetamine case, though probation might be mandatory.

He had already completed 20 sessions of substance abuse counseling by the time of his arraignment in June.