Fight with deputies on main street results in man’s arrest |

Fight with deputies on main street results in man’s arrest

Douglas County Sheriff’s Office

A Sparks man was taken into custody on Monday after a fight with deputies that occurred along downtown Minden-Gardnerville.

Adan Manjarrez Palomar, 31, was contacted after someone reported a shirtless man punched a parked vehicle near the COD Garage.

When deputies arrived they found Palomar standing in the highway.

When they tried to detain him, he took a swing at a deputy, missed, and the melee began.

Deputies tried Tazing him and using their batons to subdue him but those things didn’t seem to slow him down. They were finally able to get him handcuffed and he started spitting on them.

He was taken for medical treatment before being booked on charges of assault on a police officer, resisting, destruction of property and being drunk on the highway.

■ A Gardnerville Ranchos man was arrested for failure to appear in court and on a warrant out of Carson City on Saturday morning.

Richard Gomes, 40, was taken into custody after a deputy spotted him in a red Jeep Cherokee driving northbound on Highway 395 approaching Riverview. The deputy followed him north to the Gardnerville Walmart and made contact in the parking lot.

He was taken into custody after the deputy confirmed the warrants. He allegedly had drug paraphernalia in a backpack when he was taken into custody.

Gomes was previously arrested in April after being returned to the county on a previous failure to appear in court charge.

■ A Rodeo, Calif., woman was arrested Friday after she was pulled over with an expired registration.

Sabrina Cross, 27, was taken into custody after deputies searched her vehicle and found something believed to be methamphetamine. Cross didn’t have a driver’s license or current registration, according to court documents.