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Fender-punching Sparks man gets 260 days in jail

Douglas County Sheriff’s Office

A Sparks man, who fought with deputies after they responded to a report he dented a vehicle fender with his fist, was sentenced to 260 days in jail Tuesday.

Adan Majarez Palomar, 31, was arrested on a bench warrant after he failed to appear for sentencing in the Oct. 21, 2019, incident that occurred in downtown Minden.

He admitted in November to a count of gross misdemeanor assault on a peace officer, but failed to appear for sentencing in January.

Palomar was also ordered to pay $1,800 restitution.

Attorney Maria Pence said Palomar and a friend were working in downtown Minden, when they decided to have some marijuana for lunch. She said she believes the pot was laced with PCP, because the reports indicated Palomar was exhibiting bizarre behavior.

“He was very delusional,” she said. “He ended up in a huge wrestling match in the middle of the street. He was not in his right mind.”

Pence said he didn’t appear for sentencing because he was essentially homeless.

Palomar apologized to the deputy involved in the struggle.

Prosecutor Erik Levin said Palomar had a history of violence and probation violations.

“His behavior posed a danger to both law enforcement and the defendant,” Levin said.

Young pointed out that Palomar shouldn’t have been using marijuana on his lunch break. He gave him credit for 66 days time served.

Palomar was contacted by deputies after someone reported a shirtless man punched a parked vehicle near the COD Garage.

When deputies arrived they found Palomar standing in the highway.

When they tried to detain him, he took a swing at a deputy, missed, and the melee began.

Deputies tried Tazing him and using their batons to subdue him but those things didn’t seem to slow him down. They were finally able to get him handcuffed and he started spitting on them.

■ A Lake Tahoe man said he couldn’t remember damaging the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office’s Intoxilyzer 8000 during a March 7 arrest at Lake Tahoe.

Michael Ray Burghard, 32, admitted to one count of gross misdemeanor damage to property and is supposed to admit to a count of obstructing a peace officer in connection with his arrest.

Burghard knocked the device used to determine someone’s level of intoxication to the ground and pulled out its wires and tubes.

Prosecutor Erik Levin said the sheriff’s office was waiting on someone from the Washoe Crime Lab to come fix it. He said he will have a restitution figure in time for Burghard’s April 14 sentencing date.