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Ex-felon goes to prison after stealing from family


An ex-felon, whose brother took him in after he was released from prison, was sent back to prison on Monday.

Steven M. Pacheco, 50, was sentenced to 12-48 months in prison and ordered to pay $1,481 in restitution.

District Judge Tom Gregory read from a statement written by the victims, who said they gave Pacheco somewhere to live, got him a job, took him for a driver’s license and were there when he purchased a vehicle.

They said when they returned home from a trip in April, they found their dogs locked in the house without food or water and many items of property missing, including a coin collection.

“He stole and pawned our stuff without batting an eye,” the judge read.

Prosecutor Chelsea Mazza said that Pacheco’s criminal record justified a prison sentence.

He previously served a sentence for armed robbery in connection with a Southern Nevada convenience store stickup.

Pacheco denied he was running when he left.

He said he was headed to the oil fields when he turned around at Salt Lake City and was headed back to town when he was arrested in Elko.

“I was trying to find myself,” he said. “I didn’t intend to rob them.”

■ A Johnson Lane woman, who took an estimated $75,000 cash from a neighbor, received a suspended 363-day jail sentence after paying full restitution.

Jordyn R. Curtis, 28, admitted to one count of attempted grand larceny, a gross misdemeanor.

Curtis admitted she took the money over the course of four months in 2018. Curtis’ attorney Richard Davies said she borrowed the money to make full restitution and is working three jobs to pay back her father.

Curtis apologized for the thefts.

“I am making sure nothing like this ever happens again,” she said.

Prosecutor Erik Levin said he was in contact with the victims who felt that Curtis should face some repercussions for what she’d done.

In addition to her suspended sentence, Curtis was ordered to complete 200 hours of community service over the next two years.

■ A Johnson Lane woman who was found with more than an ounce of methamphetamine and 3.4 grams of heroin was ordered to undergo Western Regional Drug Court as a condition of probation.

Erica Cervantes, 42, received a suspended 12-48-month sentence after she admitted to transporting a controlled substance.

“I was lost for a long, long time,” she said.