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DUI offender denied diversion

A Lake Tahoe man was denied a diversion program and sentenced to prison on Monday.

Derek Adam Witters, 31, received 1-3 years in prison in connection with a Sept. 29, 2019, arrest.

District Judge Tom Gregory said Witters was driving 98 mph on Highway 88 with an open bottle of whiskey in his vehicle when he was stopped. The September arrest was Witters’ fourth DUI, and his third in seven years. Under Nevada law, prison is mandatory for a third DUI unless the driver is granted a diversion.

“Drunken drivers are always looking for one more exception, one more opportunity but nothing has gotten your attention,” Gregory said.

Witters was convicted of driving under the influence in El Dorado County in 2014 and 2018.

■ A former Carson City man has a significant head-start on a prison sentence he received on Monday.

Kalub Legend Solak, 22, received a 12-32-month prison sentence in connection with a 2015 case where he was under the influence of methamphetamine and other drugs.

Solak was the passenger thrown from a Honda CRV after the driver, identified as his cousin, lost control of the vehicle on Sept. 26, 2015.

Prosecutor Chelsea Mazza said there was a significant amount of methamphetamine in the vehicle and in Solak’s shorts found after the collision.

Attorney Brian Filter said Solak suffered from life-threatening injuries in the wreck.

He was also arrested and incarcerated in Colorado in September 2017 and ended up going to prison on that charge.

Solak has 299 days counted as time served already, and is very close to parole.

■ A South Lake Tahoe man is denying a charge of driving under the influence.

David Robert Deaguilera, 33, entered a not guilty plea on Monday in connection with a May 2019 collision.

Deaguilera is facing a felony count of driving under the influence with a prior felony conviction, which is punishable by up to 15 years in prison.

A four-day trial was set for June 23.

Prosecutor Erik Levin said Deaguilera was convicted of felony driving under the influence in a collision that caused serious bodily harm in Florida.

Records indicate Deaguilera received a seven-year prison sentence in 2010. He told District Judge Tom Gregory he still had a Florida drivers license, to which the judge said it was time he applied for a Nevada or California license.