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Drunk driver awaits prison sentence

by Aurora Sain

An admitted drunken driver will be spending some time in prison, the only question remaining was for how long.

Robert Layne Canatsey, 50, was arrested on Nov. 28 for DUI with a prior felony conviction.

Canatsey received a DUI with a blood alcohol content of .321, his previous DUI conviction was in 2005.

“I have a problem with alcohol sir,” said Canatsey. “I have for many years.”

The maximum penalty for this offense is 6-15 years with a $2-5,000 fine and a pre-sentence investigation was ordered before his Feb. 22 sentencing date.

Judge Tom Gregory said that Canatsey would start his prison sentence the day of sentencing.

■ A bench warrant was issued for Tiffany Catherine Brooks, 42, when she didn’t show up for court on Monday.

Brooks was originally arrested after she was found sleeping in a Walmart parking lot and the plates didn’t match the vehicle.

When the police asked if she had anything on her, she pulled a balloon of heroin out of her bra.

She was released to deal with warrants out of Washoe County but said that she couldn’t come to court Monday because she was in the hospital.

Her attorney was asked to prove that she was in the hospital before the warrant would be lifted.

Her case was continued until she could appear in court.

■ Brian Cruess, 27, will remain in custody until a bed at a long term rehabilitation center opens up.

“I don’t want any opportunity to go back to Tahoe,” said Cruess, who requested to remain in custody until space at an inpatient treatment center was available.

He is looking to get into treatment for his addiction to heroin.

Cruess was originally charged with possessing credit cards without cardholder’s knowledge and possession of a controlled substance.

He has credit for 146 days time served and if he fails to complete the inpatient program he will be looking at a prison sentence.

“I certainly wish you well,” said Gregory.

■ Colleen Renee Hernandez, 35, remains out of custody on her own recognizance for her May of this year arrest for sales of a controlled substance.

Hernandez sold her morphine prescription to undercover agents in order to buy methamphetamine for herself.

She was ordered to call the Family Support Council of Douglas County twice a week and to take parenting classes before she has the opportunity to get her children back, who are both in foster care.

She could be facing a $20,000 fine and prison time.

Her attorney Derrick Lopez argued that she stopped using meth in Sept., although she had used marijuana, which showed up on a drug test.

“I am on track, I know what I have to do,” said Hernandez.

She argued that she wanted to be a good role model for her children and would do everything she could.

“You need to show the court that you are serious,” said Gregory.

A sentencing date was set for Feb. 22.

■ Robert Allan Field, 42, changed his plea on Monday to no contest in connection with his February arrest for possession of stolen property.

He is facing a gross misdemeanor with the possibility of 364 days in jail and a $2,000 fine.

He is charged with taking a stamp book worth more than $650 but less than $3,000.

A pre-sentence investigation was ordered and a sentencing date was set for Feb. 29.

■ Eric Mitchell Malone, 31, admitted stealing a computer tower from the Starbucks at Harveys Lake Tahoe Hotel and Casino on Sept. 28.

He remained in custody for the felony offense, with bail being $5,000.

He said that he went into the office of the Starbucks and took the tower valued at $1,100.

The maximum penalty for the offense is 5 years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine.

A sentencing date was set for Feb. 22.

■ Cydney Michelle Crawford, 19, was arrested Nov. 23 on a gross misdemeanor charge of conspiracy to committ child endangerment.

Crawford was living in a home without running water or electricity with her infant child.

Drug paraphernalia was also found in the house.

The maximum penalty is 364 days in jail with a $2,000 fine.

She asked to be released this week in order to have visitation with her child or to have a supervised visit but her request was denied.

She will remain in custody until she is released to the next drug court on Dec. 28.

She is required to complete drug court, be under department of alternative sentencing supervision and a curfew was imposed.