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Drug trafficking results in prison for two men

Nevada Department of Corrections

Two men were sentenced to mandatory prison terms on separate trafficking charges on Tuesday.

Levi Blue Clark, 28, received 18-60 months in prison after telling District Judge Tod Young he was essentially raised by drug dealers.

“It’s time to stop blaming them,” Young said. “You’re an adult now.”

Clark has been in prison for drugs before, according to defense attorney Kristine Brown.

“He had a relapse and he relapsed big,” she said. “He recognizes he’s an addict and that he’s not getting clean without substantial help.”

Clark was arrested Sept. 22, 2018, after he was pulled over on Highway 88 on a traffic violation. He had 9.9 gras of methamphetamine, which Brown said was for his personal use.

The Nevada Department of Corrections reports was sentenced for possession of a controlled substance and trafficking in 2014.

He was given credit for 60 days time served.

A California man was given the minimum sentence of 1-3 years for trafficking.

Donald A. Choate, 29, spent six months of inpatient treatment and had been working eight months since his arrest with what prosecutors described as a significant amount of drugs.

He was arrested Oct. 23, 2017, at Stateline after he was a passenger in a stolen vehicle. He was taken into custody, where 16 grams of heroin was found in his underwear.

Defense attorney Matthew Ence pointed out that Choate had no other prior convictions.

“I’ve done some bad things and made some bad choices,” he said. “I’ve done everything I can to make it right.”

District Judge Tod Young was sympathetic, but said he was required to send Choate to prison.

“I commend you for undergoing treatment,” he said.

He was given credit for 14 days time served and ordered to pay a $1 fine.