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Drug sale leads to prison sentence

A man who said he first used crack cocaine with his mother when he was 14 years old was sentenced to up to four years in prison on Tuesday.

Dustyn O. Farrell, 32, asked to be allowed to undergo treatment for his heroin addiction.

Saying he wasn’t good at probation, Young ordered him to prison for 1-4 years for possession of a controlled substance for sale.

“If you’re paroled early, I hope you go to a program, but that’s up to you,” Young said.

Young made Farrell’s sentence consecutive to time he’d received in Tahoe Township Justice Court.

An East Valley resident admitted to a count of felony driving under the influence on Tuesday.

Donald P. Duncan, 38, faces a maximum of six years in prison and a $5,000 fine for his third instance of DUI in seven years.

He was previously convicted of two DUIs in October 2017.

A man had his probation revoked after he was convicted of a crime in California while on a suspended sentence for a Douglas drug w.

Jarrett R. Leidlich, 31, admitted the violation in April after he was sentenced to two years in prison for being an addict with a firearm.

According to prosecutor Chelsea Mazza, Leidlich had six felonies on his record with at least one more since his probation was last reinstated.

“You can’t be on probation and have a weapons offense,” Young said.

A Gardnerville man was permitted to participate in Western Regional Drug Court on Tuesday in connection with his arrest for heroin possession.

Wetzel was arrested with .8 grams of heroin and then failed to appear in court. He was arrested in connection with a shoplifting incident at the Topsy Walmart.

Prosecutor Chelsea Mazza said that Wetzel was actually selling the drugs, and that he’d received a significant benefit from the charging decision.

Defense attorney Maria Pence said that Wetzel had never been convicted of a felony.

“All of his criminal history reflects the life of an addict,” she said.

Young likened Wetzel and his ilk to a circular firing squad.

“You’re selling poison to one another,” he said. “You’ll end up killing one another.”