Driver in 2019 fatal waives hearing |

Driver in 2019 fatal waives hearing

A California man, accused of being under the influence last year when he caused a fatal collision on Highway 50, waived a preliminary hearing in Tahoe Township Justice Court on Tuesday.

Jerrad Daniel Dominguez, 41, is scheduled to be arraigned in Douglas County District Court on July 28 on charges related to the collision.

A preliminary hearing determines if there is sufficient evidence that a crime was committed and that the person accused could have committed it. Waiving a preliminary is not an admission of guilt. Dominguez could choose to plead innocent and seek a trial.

Dominguez was arrested for being under the influence on June 13, 2019, when he allegedly crossed into the path of another vehicle driven by Carson City resident Hugo Parra-Solis, 37, who was on his way to Stateline for work.

Dominquez was released on bond on June 21, 2019, and taken into custody on July 25, 2019, in connection with a pursuit case in California that resulted in a conviction.

He has been incarcerated ever since, having transferred to Douglas County on a warrant on May 5.

■ A $20,000 nationwide warrant was issued for the arrest of a man accused of battering a woman in an Indian Hills home.

Robert Michael Baker, 32, failed to appear for an arraignment in Douglas County District Court on Tuesday.

Baker was arrested May 1 after he allegedly grabbed the victim by the throat in front of two children. She told deputies that she thought she blacked out momentarily.

Baker is facing a felony charge of battery by a probationer. He was on a suspended sentence out of Reno at the time of his arrest.

Attorney Matthew Ence said he didn’t know where Baker was and that his only contact with him was through an email address.

■ A Reno man missed his arraignment on a charge of third possession of controlled substance.

Devin James Arentz, 34, allegedly had 1.9 grams of methamphetamine in his possession just after midnight on May 27 when he was stopped on Highway 395 in Minden.

Arentz also missed a test on June 18.

Ence said that Arentz was essentially homeless when he was arrested. A $10,000 warrant was issued for his arrest.

■ A 32-year-old Fernley man was ordered to spend nine months in jail after he grabbed a woman’s buttocks at the Topsy Walmart.

Christopher Middleton, 32, was convicted of open and gross lewdness, which carries a maximum sentence of 364 days in jail.

In an impact statement, the victim said that Middleton followed her and her granddaughter around the store, where they were purchasing roller skates.

“He said he was in one of the darkest periods of his life, and now he’s inflicted that darkness on my life,” she said. “He had no right to touch me, touch my life or touch my granddaughter’s life.”

■ A $5,000 cash warrant was issued for the arrest of a woman who didn’t show up for a second sentencing hearing on Monday.

Leslie Renee Thompson, 39, admitted she stole a $980 surveying laser on Dec. 10-11, 2019, that she pawned for $85.

She was arrested on a warrant in Idaho and brought back to Douglas County where she entered a guilty plea in April.

Attorney Matthew Ence said that she was in Mississippi when her flight was canceled on Saturday and that she would be on the next flight out.

Prosecutor Chelsea Mazza asked for a warrant, saying the theft victim was in the courtroom to testify.

Should Thompson turn up for her July 6 sentencing, District Judge Tom Gregory said he would quash the warrant.

■ A Topaz Ranch Estates man withdrew from a plea agreement and sought a trial.

A July 13 arraignment date was set for Bradley Michael Stribling, who could face a home invasion charge.

On Monday, Stribling, 29, admitted to violating his bail conditions by testing positive for alcohol. Attorney Brian Filter said that Stribling told him he was using NyQuil to help him sleep.

His own recognizance release was revoked and bail was set at $5,000 cash.

■ A California man, who gave deputies a stolen identity when he was awakened from a nap in front of the Gardnerville WalMart, was given a suspended 1-3-year sentence.

Randy A. Martin, 34, was arrested in June 2019. He failed to turn up for court in September because he was taken into custody in California in connection with the theft.

■ A Reno man who admitted to stealing his grandmother’s truck was ordered to spend 30 days in jail and pay $25,000 restitution as part of his 1-4-year prison sentence.

Brandon Larmee, 32, was taken into custody on Tuesday after his sentencing.

Larmee won’t be allowed to accumulate good time.