Deputies assaulted in series of incidents |

Deputies assaulted in series of incidents

by Amy Alonzo

An Alpine woman attempted to fire her court-appointed attorney Tuesday in Douglas County District Court but was told she does not have the ability to represent herself.

Tashina C. Lundy, 22, of Alpine, attempted to fire defense attorney Kris Brown.

“I want to represent myself because she and I don’t get along,” Lundy told Judge Tod Young. “I’d rather just do my time in prison than sit here and be antagonized.”

Lundy was arrested in February for elder abuse and simple battery after she attacked several women at a Minden restaurant. While incarcerated she punched and knocked a deputy to the ground. Lundy was charged with battery by a prisoner and battery on an officer and faces up to six years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

During the proceedings she insulted and swore at Young. She also told him she’d been in and out of institutions since about age 8.

Lundy will remain in custody until her arraignment next week.

A homeless Carson City man admitted to kicking and spitting on deputies while being detained for public intoxication.

Christian A. Fletcher, 49, was arrested March 4 after walking his bike in the middle of the northbound lane on Plymouth Drive. He had a breath alcohol content of .267. While in custody he spit on one deputy and kicked another.

Fletcher was released on his own recognizance until his May 23 sentencing.

A Gardnerville woman with a communicable disease who attempted to spit on a deputy will spend up to 90 days in jail.

Deputies in December responded to a call of a woman trying to jump from a moving vehicle. They found Nikki M. Wilhelm, 50, intoxicated and with a breath alcohol concentration of .22. Wilhelm was on probation at the time. She attempted to spit on the deputy that detained her.

Wilhelm told Young she has 99 days sober and “I’m just really sorry for disrespecting the officer. I want to continue my sobriety.”

She gets credit for 20 days served.

A Placerville man accused of defrauding businesses throughout California and Nevada for more than $170,000 was sentenced to 30 days in jail and will spend five years on probation.

Steve H. Pomi, 50, was arrested in April of last year after he turned himself in on a warrant.

Pomi had written a bad check for $2,000 to ASJ Small Engines in Gardnerville for two chainsaws, which he then pawned. Pomi committed similar offenses during a three-month period throughout other California and Nevada locations, including San Luis Obispo, Jackson and Washoe County. He is either on probation or awaiting sentencing on the other charges.

“It’s horrible decision making,” said defense attorney Richard Davies. “The train came off the tracks. He’s a person who’s redeemable. This is not who he is.”

He gets credit for four days served.

A Gardnerville man who admitted to embezzlement in Douglas County District Court Monday will remain in custody until he can enter an inpatient treatment program.

Erik J. Edwards, 22, was arrested March 8 for taking $1,240 in cash and five smartphones from the Gardnerville Verizon store, where he was an employee.

Edwards told Judge Thomas Gregory he has been a heroin addict for the past four years.

Edwards was ordered to pay $4,300 in restitution to Verizon in addition to being ordered to attend treatment.

A Yerington man who terminated himself from Veterans Court was released from custody on his own recognizance.

Christopher Goodman, 33, was arrested in 2015 for assault with a deadly weapon after he flashed a gun at another driver on Highway 395.

In March of 2016 Goodman was ordered to attend Veterans Court. Goodman stopped attending just 10 days short of completing his state-mandated year, said defense attorney Matthew Ence.

During his time with the Veterans Court, Goodman failed seven of 11 tests — five were dilute and two tested positive for alcohol, according to court documents.

Goodman is set to return in June for a hearing.

A Minden woman with a methamphetamine habit who admitted to stealing from her employer was ordered to attend drug court.

Camille R. Rasavage, 36, was arrested Jan. 1 for taking nearly $2,000 in cash from Carson City Orthodontics, as well as an unknown amount of gift cards and checks.

A search of her home at the time of her arrest unearthed a methamphetamine pipe with residue and credit cards belonging to other people.

A California woman will be sentenced in June for attempted grand larceny.

Stacy L. Reggiani, 36, of Gilroy, admitted she took a 2004 black Mercedes that belonged to another hotel guest in December from the valet at a Stateline hotel.

Reggiani said she drove the Mercedes to Roseville, Calif. and left it in a casino parking lot with the keys inside. Reggiani said she had permission to take and drive the vehicle.

Her sentencing is set for June 5.