Couple faces jail in Minden burglary |

Couple faces jail in Minden burglary

A Gardnerville man is facing a felony in connection with a burglary of a Minden home last fall.

Reese Dwayne Kizer, 27, waived a hearing in East Fork Justice Court and is scheduled to be arraigned in Douglas County District Court.

On Wednesday, Kizer’s wife, Mariah Lanai Browning Kizer, was sentenced in connection with the burglary.

Several items of jewelry were pawned as a result of the thefts. The Kizers will have to make restitution to the victims in the burglary.

One victim testified that they installed video cameras in their home after finding things moved around after they were gone for a period of time.

The video cameras allegedly caught Kizer climbing in through the home’s dog door.

The homeowners reported that in addition to the jewelry they were missing two suitcases of tools.

“It’s hard to accept her apology,” one victim said. “They came into the house and took things from me that meant a lot. Whenever I’m missing something I freak out and think someone has stolen it.”

She was ordered to spend 72 hours in jail after the homeowners testified on the impact the burglary had on them.

Justice of the Peace Tom Perkins told the couple that if he thought giving Browning Kizer six months in jail would make a difference that’s what he’d do.

In addition to the jail time, she received a suspended six-month sentence and was ordered to pay $2,068 in restitution.

■ Two women reported that their vehicles were burglarized while they were at the Lampe Park farmers market on Wednesday.

One of the victims reported missing an Apple MacBook laptop, and IPad Air tablet and a computer bag had been taken from her vehicle sometime between 10:20 a.m. and noon while she was shopping.

The woman told a deputy she left the items on her front seat and that her vehicle was unlocked and the windows rolled down.

A second woman who parked her vehicle at Lampe Park on Wednesday reported someone took five keys and a fob from her vehicle while she was attending the Farmers Market.

She said she left the vehicle unlocked for 10 minutes and that when she returned at about 11:30 a.m. the keys were gone from her center console.

It was one of two vehicles burglarized at the park that day.

■ A woman was arrested on Labor Day after deputies received a report that she was driving erratically from Ruhenstroth to a Gardnerville grocery store where she collided with the back of a Cadillac.

According to the sheriff’s report, deputies had to keep her from falling.

She had difficulty doing field sobriety tests and had a preliminary breath test of .146 blood alcohol content.

■ A woman was taken into custody during lunch hour on Wednesday after a deputy saw her weaving in her lane on Highway 395 near Kingslane.

She was taken into custody after failing a field sobriety test. Deputies found four open energy drink containers that contained a liquid that smelled like alcohol.

A breathylizer test revealed she allegedly had a blood alcohol content of .139.