Centerville burglar admits charge |

Centerville burglar admits charge


An admitted burglar, who was caught thanks in part to a check of social media, faces 2-15 years in prison at his March 3 sentencing.

Jesse Louis Martinez, 29, admitted to a count of burglary with a firearm on Tuesday.

Under a plea agreement, prosecutors agreed to drop charges of possession of a stolen motor vehicle and possession of stolen property.

Despite dropping those charges, the victims will be able to seek restitution and to testify at his sentencing.

That includes the owner of a Harley-Davidson who posted to Facebook on Dec. 17 that someone had taken the motorcycle from a Sparks business.

On Dec. 18, deputies stopped at an address just north of the Centerville roundabout where Martinez was having trouble starting the motorcycle. They asked him if he needed help and conducted a check on the Harley, but it hadn’t made it into the crime database, yet.

However, on their way north up Highway 88, a sergeant ran the owner of the motorcycle and it appeared to be a much older man. He searched Facebook for the man and found the post about the stolen motorcycle. The deputies waited for Martinez to ride by and pulled him over with three shotguns he’d stolen from a home along Highway 88 and some distinctive belt buckles that another deputy recognized.

While it’s possible Martinez could receive probation in the case, that depends on his criminal record. Another felony burglary or crime that involves forcible entry would render him ineligible.

■ A Gardnerville man will remain in custody until at least March 10 while he waits to hear whether a judge will grant him diversion on a drug charge.

Ryan Mark Harris, 33, admitted to counts of possession of a controlled substance and stalking on Tuesday.

Harris was arrested Nov. 8 after a traffic stop when a deputy spotted a bag of methamphetamine on his seat. He was arrested again on Nov. 23 after he rear-ended a woman who was trying to break off a relationship with him. He is serving a jail term for domestic battery committed on the same woman.

Harris was released on bail, but arrested Dec. 19, 2019, for violating bail conditions.

■ A Californian who violated his probation for possession of a stolen vehicle will spend six months in jail before he receives a dishonorable discharge from probation.

Tyler Chadwick, 37, received a 36-94-month suspended prison sentence in July 2016. A warrant was issued for his arrest in 2017 but was reinstated in 2018.

Attorney Maria Pence said Chadwick has been participating in a drug treatment program since he was convicted of felonies in California and will be on supervision there after he gets out of Douglas County Jail.