Carson woman in custody on multiple charges |

Carson woman in custody on multiple charges

by Amy Alonzo

A Carson City woman was taken into custody Monday for violating her probation.

Jaclyn M. Thun, 30, was originally found guilty in July for unlawfully taking a motor vehicle.

She was allowed to remain out of custody as long as she submitted monthly reports to Douglas County. She stopped submitting reports in October.

On Jan. 14 Thun was arrested by Carson City Sheriff’s deputies on charges of using the ID of another to delay prosecution, violating probation, driving without a valid license and no valid proof of insurance. She entered a guilty plea to the charges.

A warrant in Douglas County was then issued for Thun after she allegedly used stolen credit cards to purchase Amazon gift cards and purchase $2,585 in items from Bealls. She was transported to Douglas County Jail, where she had a seizure and was released from custody to seek medical treatment.

The hearing on the revocation of her probation was continued to next week.

■ The arraignment of a Carson City man who allegedly assaulted a deputy in Douglas County was postponed until March while he enters an inpatient treatment program in Washoe County.

Michael I. Hutchinson, 33, was arrested in January for allegedly pushing a deputy.

Deputies responded to Buckaroos for report of a medical issue. When deputies arrived, about 15 people were standing around paramedics treating someone for a medical issue in the parking lot behind the building.

According to court documents, Hutchinson was among the crowd and was squared off in a fighting stance with another man about four feet from where the paramedics were trying to work.

The deputy told the two to separate but they didn’t. The deputy then pulled Hutchinson away, and a woman attempted to step between them. The deputy put his hand out to restrain the woman and Hutchinson pushed the deputy and told him not to touch his “girl.”

The deputy then used pepper spray and force to detain Hutchinson.

■ Update: A Wellington man currently on diversion for fraud charges, asked to be put on drug court as well on April 16, 2018.

Cody Dalhaus, 28, who had pleaded guilty on February 14, 2017 to cashing fraudulent checks at several area casinos, totaling nearly $4,000, had a review today before District Court Judge Tom Gregory.

When asked how Dalhaus was doing, public defender Maria Pence stated, “Mr. Dalhaus is doing well in some areas, but struggling in others.”

Dalhaus claimed that through his court-ordered counseling to treat his gambling addiction, he came to the realization that his problems stem from a substance abuse addiction. He admitted to using methamphetamine almost daily for approximately three years. He voluntarily asked to have the court place him in drug court, so that he could have accountability and receive the help he needed to treat his addictions.

Gregory was seemingly moved by the request. “It’s rare but welcome for someone to ask for help before its too late,” Gregory said. “I have a great amount of respect towards you for asking for help.”

Dalhaus was ordered to participate in drug court and stay on diversion, as well as continue to make restitution payments to the court and victims.

Previous: A Wellington man who cashed nearly $4,000 in fraudulent checks at area casinos will enter a diversion program.

Cody D. Dalhaus, 28, admitted to cashing 18 fraudulent checks worth a total of $3,957.50 at the Carson Valley Inn, Sharkey’s Casino and Bodines Casino.

Dalhaus has already made restitution to a fourth victim and has been attending Gambler’s Anonymous, according to Maria Pence, his attorney.

Dalhaus will make minimum restitution payments of $150 per month.

A review hearing is set for Aug. 7.

■ A Carson City man who allegedly eluded sheriff’s deputies in a high-speed motorcycle chase will remain in custody.

Joshua L. Patterson, 27, denied attempting to elude a Douglas County deputy at speeds in excess of 90 mph.

The deputy abandoned the chase, which occurred on Highway 395 north of Minden, due to the speed.

Patterson missed his arraignment last week because “Mr. Patterson wasn’t clear on when he was supposed to be here, and that is why he wasn’t here last week,” said his attorney, Matthew Ence.

Patterson was later pulled over in Carson City for having a taillight burned out.

He will head to trial in May.

■ A Stateline man denied pointing a gun at a passenger in another vehicle during a case of road rage.

Jared W. Kaiser, 31, was arrested in May near the intersection of Mottsville Lane and Highway 88 after allegedly tailgating and swerving into another vehicle and pointing a gun at the passenger in the vehicle.

Both Kaiser and the driver of the other vehicle had called dispatch to report the other driver.

Kaiser was arrested for driving under the influence. His preliminary breath alcohol level was .157.

He goes to trial in September.