Carson High vandalism didn’t come out of the blue |

Carson High vandalism didn’t come out of the blue

R-C Staff and News Service Reports
About 25 Douglas High School students volunteered to help remove spray paint from the Carson High School football and track stadium.
Jim Grant | Nevada Appeal

Several Douglas High School students helped clean up graffiti at Carson High School before the Senator’s graduation on Saturday.

Douglas Principal Marty Swisher said that Leadership Advisor Karen Lamb and Football Coach Ernie Monfiletto asked for volunteers to help and two dozen students stepped up.

The vandalism at Carson High appears to be retaliation for incidents that occurred in the week before Douglas graduation on May 27.

Swisher said that two nights before graduation someone painted the rock dedicated to former football coach Mike Rippee blue and put the initials CHS on it. Vandals also sprayed areas near the graduation with grass killer to spell out the school initials and some invective.

That was after a couple of earlier and more minor incidents during the week.

“We talked to the students and said we weren’t going to retaliate,” he said. “Finding out about that was very disappointing and frustrating.”

Swisher said having Douglas students participate in the clean-up helped send an important message.

“We are trying to send the message that DHS doesn’t condone this behavior,” he said. “We want to be great rivals on the field and the court, but it shouldn’t be about disrespect.”

More than 100 students, staff and community members from Carson and Douglas worked on cleaning up the field Tuesday afternoon. Stokes said he was told the clean up was going well.

“The actions aren’t endorsed by all who hear about it,” Stokes said. “I think it was really classy (that the Douglas High students and community came to help clean) and we appreciate the show of support because like us, they don’t condone this behavior.”

Carson High School teacher Angila Golik, who led the cleanup efforts, was happy with the outcome.

“A couple bad apples does not define who we are as a school or as a community,” Golik posted on Facebook. “Today proved what good can come out of a bad situation. Today proved what teamwork is all about….today we were united … Tigers and Senators … one team.”

Carson Sheriff Ken Furlong said recently the department has been dealing with graffiti and vandalism frequently, though they have been seeing it aimed at the political signs around town.

“Emotions are high at the summer months and property damage, graffiti and vandalism is on the increase,” Furlong said.

He said acts like these seen at the high school and in politics are juvenile and a terrible way to get an opinion across.

“To smash a sign, or take a billboard isn’t an adult reaction,” Furlong said. “It is juvenile and needs to be punished. We live in a civilized world.

“It doesn’t further your cause to graffiti a high school or campaign sign, those things are counterproductive.”

If anyone has information concerning the vandalism or has any information on anyone defacing, taking down or otherwise damaging political signs, contact the Carson City Sheriff’s Office at 775-887-2500.

Furlong said he’s listening to the complaints made by residents.