Target worker saves customer from paying scammers $5,000 |

Target worker saves customer from paying scammers $5,000

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A fast-thinking Jacks Valley Target employee saved someone from buying a $5,000 pre-paid gift card at the request of telephone scammers.

“The caring Target employee halted the transaction and notified the Sheriff’s Office,” Spokesman Sgt. Jeff Schemenauer said. “The Sheriff’s Office is asking all retailers who sell pre-paid cards to conduct awareness training and help our community protect one another.”

Schemenauer asked residents, and especially seniors, to be aware that the FBI isn’t going to call and tell them they have a warrant that can only be satisfied by mailing a $2,000-$5,000 pre-paid gift card.

“The public needs to be aware, no government agency will call you and demand money via pre-paid gift cards or pre-paid credit cards,” Schemenauer said. “Law enforcement will never demand money over the phone and all ‘warrants’ are handled in person via the normal judicial process.”

Schemenauer said the telephone scams aren’t new, but that they continue to ensnare unsuspecting victims.

“Every year the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office receives dozens of reports for these scams,” he said. “Once the pre-paid card is purchased and mailed out, the Sheriff’s Office has very little ability to assist in recovering the loss.”

The FBI scam is only a recent example. During tax season, callers claim to be from the IRS.

Several residents have received scam calls that the Social Security Administration has suspended their Social Security number for suspicious activity.

For information on how not to fall victim to the ever-growing arena of digital crime, residents should visit