Car theft case could see attorney testify |

Car theft case could see attorney testify

The former defense attorney for a man accused of felony car theft may be required to testify because he’s claiming he never waived an appearance in court.

Ronnie Rayon, 33, is denying charges he illegally took someone’s car from a casino valet and drove it to California where it ended up in a wreck.

Rayon came to Carson Valley with the vehicle’s owner, who said he didn’t have permission to take the vehicle.

At issue is Rayon’s preliminary hearing conducted on March 18, where he was not present. While there is a letter in the court file indicating he waived an appearance at a March 16 hearing, his attorney, Matthew Ence, told Judge Tod Young that Rayon didn’t waive his appearance at a preliminary hearing, where he was bound over to district court. Rayon was defended by attorney Jamie Henry at that hearing.

Rayon has been in Douglas County Jail since Aug. 17 on a warrant issued for his arrest.

Rayon went to the Carson Valley Inn with a friend from California, where they gambled all night.

Later that night Ronnie got the friend’s car from the valet, without a valet ticket, and drove the car to California where he abandoned it on the side of the road.

Young had portions of Ence’s defense file copied and turned over to the prosecution after determining they didn’t violate attorney client privilege.

He set a Nov. 18 hearing in the case.

■ An Alpine County woman will have an opportunity to participate in a treatment program for her drug addiction.

Carletta Christensen, 42, has been dealing with a drug possession charge for the past three years. Most recently she was ordered to get a drug test and then left the courthouse.

She was taken into custody and appeared in Douglas County District Court on Tuesday.

“There will come a point where I will put you in prison,” District Judge Tod Young said. “There will also be a point where I’ll shake your hand. It’s up to you which happens.”

■ A Reno man who failed to show up for his sentencing in January was released on his own recognizance on Tuesday.

Dylan A. Mitts, 24, is accused of brandishing a weapon during a raid on the Gardnerville Walmart.

Mitts’s attorney said that during the interim, Mitts was ordered to participate in a regimental boot camp program and completed the program successfully.

Mitts was ordered to return to Douglas County for sentencing on Nov. 29. In the meantime he is under the supervision of the department of alternative sentencing.

Update: On Aug. 6, 2019, Brandon Bishop-Parise successfully completed his drug diversion, and the charges against him were dismissed. He had been participating in Western Regional Drug Court for three years.

■ Sentencing was delayed for a Reno man arrested in December on drug charges after the judge had several questions about the case.

Brandon Bishop-Parise, 33, was arrested at Lake Tahoe on Dec. 4, 2015, when a Toyota he was riding in was pulled over for speeding.

A routine background check revealed Bishop-Parise had a warrant out for his arrest. He was taken into custody, but asked to use the restroom. When deputies checked on him they found five bags of cocaine floating in the toilet.

On Tuesday, Bishop-Parise was seeking a drug diversion that would allow him to withdraw his guilty plea after undergoing a treatment program.

Attorney Derrick Lopez said that the driver texted Bishop-Parise to stash the drugs during the traffic stop.

He said the driver of the vehicle was facing a felony trafficking charge in connection with another arrest in Washoe County.

At issue for District Judge Tod Young was that the presentence report indicated Bishop-Parise only had one bag of drugs, which differed from the sheriff’s report, and whether there was actually a text.

He gave attorneys until Dec. 20 to come up with the answers.