Bystanders aid security in arrest |

Bystanders aid security in arrest

Two bystanders helped loss prevention officers apprehend a Gardnerville man who tried to walk out of the store with an energy drink.

The 33-year-old man was allegedly seen taking the drink out of the Gardnerville Raley's without paying. When loss prevention officers confronted him, he poked one in the ribs with the drink and tried to flee. The officers were aided by two men who were nearby when the incident happened at around 1:55 p.m.

Deputies took the man into custody and he denied the charges in East Fork Justice Court on Monday.

At the time, the man was on bail for allegedly challenging people to fight and cursing on June 22. He was also arrested June 28 for failing to register as an ex-felon.

Attorney Maria Pence was appointed to represent him.

■ A Woodfords woman admitted she was wanted in Oregon on multiple felony counts of assault and burglary.

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Leanna Rose Arnett, 35, was 86'd from a casino and was given a lift to the Riverview 7-Eleven at around 11 p.m. Sunday by Washoe Tribal Police.

She allegedly gave them a false name. When contacted by Douglas authorities, they learned there was a fugitive warrant out for her arrest from Klamath County, Ore.

Arnett appeared in East Fork Justice Court on Monday morning where she waived extradition to Oregon.

■ A 28-year-old man accused of battering his girlfriend on July 19 in Kings Lane was taken into custody the next morning when he went to get his impounded vehicle.

When he went to give deputies his keys, a bag of marijuana fell out of his pocket. He's facing several misdemeanors as a result of the incident.