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Burglary ring leader receives 4-10 years in prison


A woman described as the ringleader in a series of burglaries across Carson Valley was sentenced to 4-10 years in prison on Thursday.

Bridget Denial Blair appeared for a special sentencing before Douglas County District Judge Tod Young.

Blair admitted to five separate felony counts in connection with the burglaries and was ordered to pay $19,500 in restitution in connection with the thefts.

“I’m sorry to my family and the people I took things from,” Blair said during sentencing. “I know that won’t fix things.”

Blair blamed a serious drug problem for the thefts from at least five homes and was ordered to pay $19,500 in restitution when she gets out of prison.

There are at three men who were implicated in helping Blair, including David Edward Price, Mika Stikley and Joshua Goldberg.

Burglary charges were dismissed against Goldberg, but Young said that if those should be reinstated, and Goldberg found guilty, he would have to pay half of the restitution in a safe burglary.

A $75,000 nationwide warrant was issued for the arrest of Price after he failed to appear in court on Tuesday after making bail.

“As I read these synopsis, Miss Blair is the biggest crook in town,” District Judge Tod Young said Tuesday. “They’re all involved in crime, but she’s involved with every one of these.”

Prosecutor Matt Johnson said Blair entered one home on April 4, 2019, while the residents were asleep.

He said the 86-year-old victim found his cell phone missing when he awoke that morning.

On April 25, an Ellis Lane resident returned home and found someone had taken his safe, among other things.

Blair had previously lived in the home, and knew her way around. She testified that she and Goldberg drove the safe to Mud Lake where they opened it and split the cash inside.

On July 2, 2019, Johnson said Blair entered a Foothill Road home and removed a sofa, mattress, box springs, a bedframe and headboard, along with a list of gate codes.

Johnson said she entered the home through a dog door with Price’s help.

One of the biggest hauls was on Aug. 18, 2019, when Blair admitted she took a Toyota pickup, a white Chevrolet Colorado, a generator and compressor.

A month later, Blair’s ex-husband was pulled over in the pickup he said she’d given it to her.

In January, Johnson said that she burglarized another home, netting two personal watercraft, a mini-bike and a pink AR rifle.

During a search of Blair’s home, investigators found bank accounts and vehicle titles in her possession.