Bonnie to Walmart Clydes pleads guilty in grand larceny |

Bonnie to Walmart Clydes pleads guilty in grand larceny


The female member of a crew that was raiding Walmarts across Western Nevada admitted a felony charge of grand larceny on Tuesday.

Douglas County District Court was just the latest stop for Stefanie Marie Chapa, 35, who was arrested Feb. 17 in a spectacularly public struggle along Highway 395 that brought bystanders to the aid of a deputy.

Chapa, who is seven months pregnant, has admitted similar charges in Churchill and Lyon counties and was scheduled to appear in Carson City, defense attorney Matthew Ence said.

The charge carries a maximum sentence of 1-5 years and a $10,000 fine, but under a plea deal, prosecutors agreed to recommend a suspended sentence and no jail time.

She is scheduled to appear in Douglas for sentencing on Nov. 20, Churchill on Oct. 9 and Lyon on Nov. 26.

Chapa, Clarence Wayne Garcia, 35, and Ross Bayard, 27, allegedly took several cameras from the Gardnerville Walmart.

A deputy spotted a vehicle that matched a broadcast description Chapa was driving, and conducted a traffic stop near Cradlebaugh Bridge.

According to the sheriff’s office, Bayard lept out of the back seat and ran from the deputy, who chased and caught up to him alongside the highway.

Meanwhile, bystanders stopped and kept Chapa and Garcia from leaving. Bayard was tazed, with one of the probes lodging in his skull, which required medical treatment.