Alleged stalker turns himself in |

Alleged stalker turns himself in

by Amy Alonzo

A Gardnerville Ranchos man who allegedly stalked and battered his ex-girlfriend turned himself in to Douglas County deputies on Tuesday.

Lawrence W. Baty, II, 50, allegedly hacked the victim’s social media accounts, video-taped himself outside her home, called her more than 20 times per day and sent threatening messages.

According to court documents, Baty and the victim began dating about two years ago. The pair separated in September, but after he was injured at work in November, she allowed him to stay with her while he recuperated.

At that time, Baty allegedly became possessive, and eventually she asked him to leave. About three weeks ago he started demanding to see her phone so he could see who she was talking to. At one point he grabbed her by the arm, threw her face down on the bed, then grabbed her face and screamed at her because she would not unlock her phone for him to read.

According to the documents, by the end of January he was calling her about 20 times per day. He also began appearing at her two places of employment, both when she was at work and when she wasn’t, and he sent her threatening messages from a Facebook account he created using the name of a convicted child molester incarcerated in Florida.

He sent her messages in various ways that included phrases like “My whole wrath is coming your way” and “Time for a murder suicide.”

His bail is set at $53,000.