Crime wave in Ruhenstroth |

Crime wave in Ruhenstroth

It’s been a tough month or so in Ruhenstroth.

Sometime around Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, someone broke into 1899 Sorrel and stole some tools.

It doesn’t matter that it was only small items, this is very disturbing.

Bonnie Washington’s son recently purchased the property and has been in the process of renovating it, something that will certainly benefit the whole neighborhood.

Since the home has been vacant for so long, it has become very run down and the family does not expect to be able to occupy it for some months.

If you see anything suspicious around that property, please try to let Bonnie know.

Her son works for Reno Fire Department and works on the house between shifts.

In December, a man drove thru the neighborhood and out Mustang to dump his tires, rather than paying the fee to have them properly disposed.

We are not the dump.

We have a great dump out on Pinenut and they will help you or you can pay to have them disposed properly at the tire store where you bought your new tires.

It is illegal for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the danger from fire.

Tires burn very hot and are much harder to extinguish than brush fires.

The smoke from burning tires can be a risk to the elderly, children and those with any kind of chronic respiratory condition.

Please respect our neighborhood and do the right thing.

■ Still no news about the Corley Ranch project.

The biggest attractions for our neighborhood are the low crime rate, the big lots and wide-open spaces and the open desert around our neighborhood.

It feels sometimes as if we are constantly battling to keep those things from being encroached upon.

There is a bright side to all this our neighbors.

A big thank you to Mark Brewer who offered to go get the tires that were dumped and to all the neighbors who pitched in for donations to cover the disposal costs.

And we are very fortunate that every month our good neighbor, Mary Jane Harding, keeps her eye on the agenda for the monthly Board of Commissioners meeting.

So far, nothing has come up, but we all believe we’ll hear more about that project again. We have awesome neighbors, don’t we?

Reach Karen Brier at, or 309-7913.