County says nope to dope |

County says nope to dope

While Douglas County is pretty green, that color is unlikely to have anything to do with marijuana anytime soon.

On Thursday, commissioners thanked the proponents of locating a marijuana dispensary in the county for their presentation, but essentially said no thanks.

Douglas County has eliminated marijuana-related businesses from its boundaries, citing the overwhelming rejection of the state marijuana law by Douglas voters.

Nick Vander Poel of Capitol Partners has been conducting presentations in the county representing Green Therapeutics which has a state license to operate in the county.

He said that allowing a dispensary would allow the county to collect taxes on sales.

He pointed out that 288 Douglas County residents have medical marijuana cards, who must either grow their own marijuana or travel out of the county to purchase it from dispensaries in Carson City.

Former Nevada Attorney General George Chanos joined Vander Poel in urging commissioners to change their minds on the ban.

Chanos pointed out that marijuana was safer than alcohol or oxycontin.

“You don’t want to be forcing your constituents to turn to the pharmaceutical industry or alcohol,” he said.

Genoa resident Jim Hartman, who campaigned against the approval of marijuana in 2016, pointed out that even in the states where it was legal, most places didn’t want it in their community.

“Marin County legalizing passed 72 percent,” he said. “Marin County where they like the Grateful Dead and to smoke dope, but when it came to politics the supervisors said no. Maraijuana is not commercially available in Marin County.”

Partnership Douglas County’s Taylor Allison told commissioners that marijuana is the No. 1 substance-related admission in the county’s emergency rooms, according to the 2019 Northern Nevada Regional Epidemiological Profile.

On Friday, Allison said that from 2017 to 2018, marijuana has more than doubled as the primary substance used by clients at Northern Nevada substance abuse treatment centers.