County reports no arrests or citations related to Saturday’s protests |

County reports no arrests or citations related to Saturday’s protests

Pro Sheriff's Office demonstrators on the sidewalk along Highway 395 in Minden on Saturday.
Kurt Hildebrand

A lone demonstrator was reportedly walking Highway 395 in Minden on Sunday morning after Black Lives Matter protests and counter protests filled the streets of the Douglas County seat through most of the day on Saturday.

On Tuesday, Douglas County officials said three police reports have been filed as a result of the protest that drew 750-1,000 people.

One report was filed on Saturday by a witness to a battery; the second report was a possible suicidal person at the protest; the third was filed on Tuesday. That was a battery report alleging someone had been spit on at the Old Courthouse.  The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office is still receiving information on events which occurred during the time of the protest.

There were no arrests, no citations and no injuries reported, according to the county.

“Protesters blocked traffic in intervals on Highway 395 and residential streets in the Town of Minden,” Spokeswoman Melissa Blosser said. “A handful of small arguments broke out between BLM protestors and counter protestors during the demonstrations.”

Law enforcement agencies including the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, the Nevada Highway Patrol and the Carson City Sheriff’s Office patrolled Minden-Gardnerville on Saturday.

“We took every precaution to ensure the safety of participants and we are grateful to the assisting agencies who provided resources,” said Sheriff Dan Coverley.

There were mounted and foot patrols through the town.