County OKs zone change north of Genoa |

County OKs zone change north of Genoa

A building under construction north of Mountain Meadow three miles north of Genoa.
Kurt Hildebrand

Zoning for a 75-home patio development that was the subject of a lawsuit was approved 3-2 by county commissioners on Thursday.

Genoa Shares is located along Mountain Meadow Drive three miles north of Nevada’s oldest town.

The project was denied 4-1 by commissioners at their January meeting after residents turned out to protest the development.

At issue for most residents was the 8,000-square-foot lots, which are smaller than the lots in developments to the east, including Montaña.

Many residents agreed that single-family housing was an improvement over tourist commercial zoning currently on the 17-acre property, but they sought larger lot sizes.

Genoa Shares representative Matt Carter told commissioners that the property owner paid $6 million for the land and would not let that investment remain idle.

“It’s going to be 75 houses,” he said, pointing out that the commission had already approved a master plan amendment and a tentative map on the property. “The question is whether those homes will be single owner or developed as tourist commercial.”

East Fork Fire Marshal Steve Eisele said the fire district didn’t have any concerns about the construction, saying that the property wasn’t in the wildland interface and that the proposed construction would meet wildland fire requirements.

Developers sued the county in January after the denial and the lawsuit was stayed while commissioners reconsidered the project.

Residents cited instances where a California fire burned over a golf course community in Santa Rosa.

Minden resident Maureen Casey, who served on the Santa Rosa City Council, said one of the issues there were an overgrowth of oak woodlands.

“They are not facing the same thing,” she said of the Genoa Shares project.