County gets grant for Johnson Lane drainage plan |

County gets grant for Johnson Lane drainage plan

Staff Reports

An area drainage master plan for Johnson Lane has received $285,000 in funding through a grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. County officials have submitted several grants to begin the plan since the flash flooding in summer of 2014, but until now had not been successful in obtaining grant money.

“The purpose of the plan is to provide a prioritized list of projects and costs to begin working toward a solution of the flooding issues in Johnson Lane,” said County Engineer, Erik Nilssen.

The plan’s scope includes several items but, most importantly it will obtain updated survey information. The storms of the last few years have deposited significant amounts of sediment which have changed local topography. In addition, the roadway network and significant number of berms that have been erected have redirected floodwaters from their historical drainage patterns. The plan will study the drainage off the entire watershed. It will verify how changes in one area will affect flow paths in other areas. The comprehensive watershed review will identify deficiencies in the current drainage network and provide a priority list of projects as well as proposed costs to construct and maintain the projects.

“It is anticipated the ADMP will identify between 10-15 projects to solve the Johnson Lane flooding,” stated Nilssen. “It will provide a cost versus benefit analysis for each project. We will find out which projects will help the most residents for the least amount of money.”

The FEMA award was provided to Douglas County through the Carson Water Subconservancy District. The CWSD is considered a “cooperating technical partner” with FEMA. This designation provides additional grant opportunities to the district. Douglas County is a member of the five County Carson River Coalition which allows CWSD to obtain grant funds on Douglas County’s behalf.

“The work of Ed James (CWSD General Manager), his staff, and the CWSD is a huge benefit to Douglas County,” said Nilssen. “They have been successful in obtaining grant funding for the County on numerous occasions over the last few years.”

The county is currently working with the district to solicit proposals for any interested consulting firm to prepare the plan. It is anticipated the consultant will be under contract in early 2017. The plan will take approximately one year to complete.

“I am hopeful while the ADMP is under development, the county will be able to identify or put aside funding for some of the projects,” said Nilssen. “It would be ideal to have funding in place that some of the identified projects could be implemented upon the ADMP release.”