County clerk certifies RDA petition |

County clerk certifies RDA petition

A petition to place Redevelopment Area No. 2 on the November ballot was certified on Wednesday by Douglas County Clerk-Treasurer Kathy Lewis.

Of the 3,044 signatures submitted, the required 2,613 were found to be valid, Election Administrator Dena Dawson said. Petitioners submitted 3,044 signatures, of which 2,752 were examined. A total of 139 were rejected.

It’s possible that a final showdown on using redevelopment money to fund an events center at Lake Tahoe will come next week.

Douglas County commissioners are being asked by proponents to pledge $34.25 million from Redevelopment Area No. 2 to construct the center.

The Tahoe Douglas Visitors Authority, which would own and operate the $100 million center, expects commissioners to hear the request at their April 16 meeting.

The agenda for that meeting is expected to be released on Friday.