County begins work on budget |

County begins work on budget

A steady economy could make life easier for Douglas County’s budget next year.

The county’s largest source of revenue is property taxes, which accounted for $32.2 million in the 2017-18 budget.

Douglas County Chief Financial Officer Vicki Moore said that assessed property values have been trending upward since 2014.

Nevada taxes property based on its value, so tax revenues can increase without an increase in the property tax rate.

Moore said home sales are also climbing and should continue trending upward.

She said the consolidated taxes, including sales, cigarette and liquor taxes brought in $12.3 million.

The county’s tentative budget must be completed by April 16. The final budget is due at the state on June 1. Since the Nevada Legislature is not in session next year, the county won’t have to wonder whether lawmakers will make alterations to revenues.

“The reason we’re doing this now, is because we come up against hard dates,” said Commission Chairman Barry Penzel. “We have a lot of programs. Some align with the plan and some don’t. Over and over and over again we’ve stressed the importance of roads, sewer infrastructure and flood control.”

Douglas County will continue to use priority based budgeting this year, Moore said.