County adds road work viewer to web site |

County adds road work viewer to web site

Staff Reports

Douglas County has added two new public viewers to its viewer application gallery on the Douglas County website. The new viewers were developed to help residents answer the question, “What county projects are happening in your neighborhood? And who maintains my road?”  The new viewers provide an application where the public can view the following:

  • Capital improvement projects (road, utilities, and capital projects)
  • Road ownership and maintenance. (county, town, GID, state, ect.)

The new capital improvement viewer will display information about capital improvement projects, property permits, projected completion date, project budget and land use actions around the county. Visitors can filter the information on the map by type of project or project phase; design, construction or complete.

The new road ownership viewer will display which jurisdiction (county, state, town, or private ownership) manages each road with-in the boundaries of Douglas County.

“The goal of the viewer is to increase awareness of projects in the County and to inform and engage our citizens in development and construction activities, road projects, and road ownership,” said County Manager, Larry Werner. “Citizens can see exactly where their resources are being put to work.”

Check out the new interactive project viewer at:

County web site now includes a viewer to see where work is being done.