Community leaders are asked about proposed Christian high school |

Community leaders are asked about proposed Christian high school

by E.D. Thyr

In a meeting of the exploratory committee of the proposed Sierra Lutheran High School on Tuesday evening, excitement and enthusiasm continued to grow as Eagle Valley and Carson Valley residents made it clear that they were thrilled at the prospect of a Christian High School in their area.

With mail still coming in, the response to a mailing list provided by a professional mail service was overwhelming. In a “cold” mailing (sent simply to people the mailing service suggested), more than 10 percent of those receiving the survey responded. And 80 percent of those who took the time to respond were enthusiastic about the possibility of a Christian high school in t he communities served by Carson Valley, Eagle Valley and beyond. An informal application for a teaching position at the high school was even received among the responses.

Many of the respondents made it clear that, although the academic quality of their high schools was outstanding, the required absence of moral direction and the negative reaction some students suffered at the hands of other students and staff to their commitment to Christian values made it necessary for them to seek alternative educational options. This view transcended denominational loyalty, with representatives from a variety of Christian traditions signing on as supporters of a Biblically-oriented secondary school.

Perhaps most important is the response of area leaders, including leaders in a variety of disciplines. In a two-day session, to be repeated in May, busy community leaders in the area gladly gave an hour of their time to respond to questions asked by Dr. Gerald Brunworth, headmaster of Lutheran High in Dallas, Texas.

Leaders of most area branches of government were interviewed, as well as representatives of many service organizations and businesses. Dr. Brunworth, who is also a representative of the denomination’s Genesis Project – which assists local entities interested in establishing elementary and secondary schools -was more enthusiastic about the courteous and interested responses he received from the community leaders he interviewed in a two-day period.

His continuing analysis with reference to the future of Sierra Lutheran High School was a positive, “thumbs-up’ response. In a meeting with the high school steering committee following his interviews, he urged that the committee continue its efforts to have Sierra Lutheran High School in operation as soon as possible.

For more information concerning SLHS, write to Sierra Lutheran High School, P.O. Box 2705, Carson City 89705 or call Shepherd of the Sierra Lutheran Church at 267-3680, and you will be directed to those who can give you the latest progress report and/or additional information you may need.

– E.D. Thyr is pastor of Shepherd of the Sierra Lutheran Church.