Committee looking at sites for Lutheran high school |

Committee looking at sites for Lutheran high school

by E.D. Thyr

Last week, members of the Sierra Lutheran High Steering Committee toured a number of facilities as possible temporary headquarters for the new high school until permanent facilities can be constructed.

In the meantime, members of the budget committee have been busy examining the budgets of other Christian high schools and are now developing a budget for SLH based on a number of variables.

These include the number of students expected in the first academic year, the number of teachers and administrators required for efficient operation, the grade levels involved in the first year the school is open, as well as the costs of leasing an adequate facility while the permanent location is firmed up and the buildings constructed.

The projected opening for Sierra Lutheran High is September 2001. This means that a facilitator – perhaps the first administrator of SLH – will need to be on site in December of this year at the latest.

An important part of the agenda for the committee in coming months is establishing the potential for student enrollment – particularly in the 9th and 10th grades – for the fall of 2001.

In order to “get a handle” on this potential, the publicity committee of SLH has been asked to begin developing both newspaper publicity relating to the opening, as well as brochures to be sent to those who inquire about specifics, such as entrance requirements, costs, academic expectations, athletic and other extra-curricular opportunities. Naturally, applications for admission in September 2001 will also be required.

Early results of a survey of other Lutheran high schools in the Untied States have shown that academic standards there are substantially above the national average. The typical graduation rate at these schools stands at 95 percent of enrollees, and over 90 percent of graduates continue their education in colleges and universities. The average classroom size at a typical Lutheran high is between 20-25 pupils.

Those who may be interested in receiving additional information about SLH may write to Sierra Lutheran High, in care of Shepherd of the Sierra Church, P.O. Box 2705, Carson City 89705, requesting to be placed on the mailing list. As soon as details are firmed up, those on the mailing list will receive a response, as well as applications for enrollment.

Sierra Lutheran High School will be a Christian high school, open to all students whose parents agree with the mission statement of SLH – a statement which includes having each student personally involved in a study of the basic principles of Bible Christianity.

(E.D. Thyr is pastor of Shepherd of the Sierra Lutheran Church.)